1973               born in Yongin, South Korea
1997-2002      B.F.A. and M.F.A. at the academy of fine
                       arts at ChungAng University
2004               "Dong-A Art"-award of Suk-Nam Art
Since 2005      National and international exhibitions
                       (e.g. Hamburg, Daegu and Seoul)
2015               Director of the art exhibition
                       "Beyond the Borders"

Currently working as a professor at the Incheon University.

Awards and scholarships

1999     Grand Award of the Korea National Art Exhibition

2004     Dong-A Art-Award of the National Museum of
             Modern and Contemporary Art

2006     Dong-A Art-Award of Suk-Nam Art Foundation


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2011     A Dead Tree is in Bloom, Hamburg, Germany

2015     The visible power and the invisible power,
             Bode Galerie & Edition Daegu, South Korea

2017     Memory of origin, Bode Galerie & Edition,

2017     Exhibition at Indang Museum, Daegu,
             South Korea


Group exhibitions (selection)

2001     The Korea National Art Exhibition, Seoul,
             South Korea
             The Exhibition of Revelation of an Image, Seoul
             Art is Image, Seoul
2002     Wound And Heal, International Art Festival
             Dong-A Art Exhibition (NationalArt Museum,
             Wave 2002, Seoul

2003     Dan-Won Art Exhibition (An-San museum)
2004     The Exhibition of Interchange of China-Korea
             Chief Committee of So-Sa Bel Art Exhibition,
             The Exhibition of Korean DistinguishedArtists,

2005     Invited Exhibition of WestSea Art Fair,
             The Exhibition of Winner Artists of Dan-Won Art
             Chief Committee of So-Sa Bel Art Exhibition,

2006     The Exhibition of International Art Interchange

2007     The Exhibition of Geumhofriend (Geumho
             FlowerMayHuman (Aca Gallery-Seoul)

2008     Are you happy (Gallery The K-Seoul)
             The south coast’s mysterious land (Bikyung)
             100 Place (GyeongnamDorip Art Gallery-

012      Swaying in Jongno-gu Kavachnina
              Contemporary, (Miami, Fl.)
2019      Ost - West together with Harry Meyer
              Kunstverein Kronach with Bode Galerie
Jong-Taek Woo