1887        born in Berlin, Germany
1891        grew up in Ilmenau (Thüringen), very early
                in his life he started to draw and carve in his
                father's studio;
                started his apprenticeship as a porcelain
1906/07  arts-and-crafts workshop in Weimar by Henry
                van der Velde
                (representative of the Art Nouveau)
1908        art academy in Dresden (scholarship for
                studies of sculpting)
1909/10   art academy in Munich (Painting class
                by Franz von Stuck)
1912        finished his studies at the academy in
                Stuttgart (picture studies by Adolf Hölzel)
1913        lived and worked in Stuttgart, later at the
                Lake Constance
1972        received "the order of Merit of the Federal
                Republic of Germany"
                by President of  Federal Council Gustav
1975        died in Unterlengenhardt, Germany

Solo Exhibitions (Selection starting 1992):

2018       Bode Gallery Daegu, South Korea: Music inside
               the painting
               Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany:
               The motive seeker: 130 works for his 130th
               Bode Galerie in Nuremberg, Germany:
               Music in the artwork
2013       Kunsthaus Apolda, Germany:
               A Hommage to his 125th birthday
               Art club Wendlingen, Germany:
               To joy of retroperspective
               Art hall Schweinfurt, Germany:
               Structured works
2011       Townhall gallery Aalen, Germany
               Town gallery Paderborn. Germany:
               Ackermann 1887 until 1975
2008       peoples bank Herrenberg - Rottenburg,
               Art-property Doebele Dettelbach-Effeldorf,
               Gallery Bayer Bietigheim-Bissingen,
2007       Art property Doebele Dettelbach-Effeldorf,
2006       Artmuseum Bayreuth, Germany:
2004       Town Gallery Pforzheim, Germany
               Zeppelin-Museum Friedrichshafen, Germany:
               Search for entirety
2003       Art collection Gera, Germany
2001       Sparda Bank Stuttgart, Germany
               Museum collection Nuss
               Weinstadt-Beutelsbach, Germany
2000       Gallery Bayer Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
               Town Gallery Neues Schloß Gracht, Germany
1999       Art property Effeldorf, Germany: Ackermann
               and pastel painting
1998       Toni-Metz museum Sasbach, Germany
               Culture forum Bad Mergentheim, Germany
1995       Gallery Bayer in Bietigheim-Bissingen,
               Town Museum Göhre in Jena, Germany
                Friedrich-Ebert Foundation Bonn
1994       Art club Radolfszell, Germany
               Gallery Landesgirokasse Stuttgart, Germany
1992       Museum am Ostwall in Dortmund, Germany
                Representation of the state
                Baden-Württenberg in Bonn, Germany

Group Exhibitions (Selektion starting 1993):

2018         KIAF, Bode Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2017         Goethe Town Museum Ilmenau, Germany
                 Town Museum Stockach, Germany: Joan Miro
                 to Otto Dix
2015         Gallery of the foundation S BC - pro arte in
                 Biberach, Germany:
                 Rounded - Circled
2014         Town Gallery Karlsruhe, Germany: Ackermann
                 to Zabotin
                 Museum Langenargen, Germany: Summer
2011         Town Museum Engen, Germany
2005         Art Museum Stuttgart, Germany: Arrived -
                 Collection of the house
2004         Castle Achberg, Germaby
                 Art Museum Heidenheim, Germany
                 ALTANA Gallery of the technical university
                 Dresden, Germany
2003         Medical-historical collection and department
                 for history and medicine of the university
                 Dresden, Germany
2001         Town Gallery Böblingen, Germany
                 Art hall Darmstadt, Germany
                 Department for Medical history in Dresden,
1998         Town Gallery Stuttgart, Germany
1997         Department Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt,
                 Town Gallery "Old theatre" in Ravensburg,
                 Castle Maurach, Germany
                 New Castle in Meersburg, Germany
1994         Town Gallery Moritzburg in Halle, Germany
1993         Gallery of the peoples bank in Stuttgart,
                 Representaion of the state
                 in Bonn, Germany
                 State Museum of Schleswig-Holstein,
                 State Museum in Mainz, Germany

Art works in public collections and museums
               Suermondt-Ludwig museum in Aachen,
               Foundation Walter Groz, Town gallery
               Albstadt, Germany
               Art museum Kupferstichkabinett in Basel,
               State museum Preußischer Kulturbesitz 
               Berlin, Germany
               New National Gallery in Berlin, Germany
               Daimler Chrysler Contempory Berlin, Germany
               Town Gallery Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
               Town Gallery Zehntscheuer in Böblingen,
               Art Hall Bremen, Germany
               Art Institute of Chicago, USA
               Albertinum State Art Collection Dresden,
               Institute for medical history Dresden, Germany
               Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg,
               Haags Gemeentemuseum Den Haag,
               Anger-Museum Erfurt, Germany
               Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany
               German poster museum in Essen,
               Town art collection Esslingen, Germany
               Town art institute Frankfurt, Germany
               Free german bisphoric; Goethe Museum
               Frankfurt, Germany
               Collection german bank Frankfurt, Germany
               Collection Dresdner bank Frankfurt, Germany
               Augustinermuseum Freiburg, Germany
               Museum of new art Freiburg, Germany
               Zeppelin-Museum Friedrichshafen, Germany
               Herman-Hesse Museum Gaienhofen, Germany
               Hamburger art hall, Germany
               Busch-Reisinger Museum Harvard, USA
               Deutschhof-Museum Heilbronn, Germany
               Pfalzgalerie in Kaiserslautern, Germany
               State Art Hall Karlsruhe, Germany
               Town Art Collection Karslruhe, Germany
               State Art Collection Kassel, Germany
               Mittelrhein-Museum Koblenz, Germany
               Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Cologne, Germany
               Museum Ludwig Cologne, Germany
               Museum Würth Künzelsau, Germany
               Museum and Art Hall Künzelsau, Germany
               Wilhelm Hack Museum Ludwigshafen, Germany
               Town Art Collection Ludwigshafen, Germany
               Academy of science and literature Mainz,
               Town Art Hall Mannheim, Germany
               Schiller National Museum Marbach/Neckar,
               German lierature archive Marbach/Neckar,
               Town Museum Mühlheim, Germany


Max Ackermann