Karl Hagedorn

The terms „human being“ and „machine“ are together the essentials of Karl Hagedorn’s painting. His thoughts about this first of all literary and philosophical topics are widespread. Parallel to a graphic examination with the genre of portraits Hagedorn has developed an interested stance on technical processes. The first encounter with the artworks of contemporary artist and with the works of the European classic modern, particularly the artistic position of Fernand Léger, should take a lasting influence to Hagedorn’s further Œuvre. Hagedorn’s enthusiasm for the genre of portrait on the one hand and for technical advance on the other hand was conciliated with the artistic aspects of the classic modern. After the immigration to the USA in 1959 Hagedorn has developed his theoretical points of view and has reached an organic and abstract repertoire of forms which should be the source for further compositions.

Karl Hagedorn - Figürliche Abstraktion