Markus Lüpertz

The famous German painter Markus Lüpertz is considered to be one of the most famous representatives of the Neo-expressionism. He also is one of the most important artists of his generation – the same generation as Georg Baselitz and A.R. Penck, who are also represented in the exhibition, belonged to. Lüpertz wanted to come back to a more emotional painting – differentiated to the American abstract style, which was famous after World War II. In the 1960s he developed the “dithyrambic painting“, from which different forms and structures evolved. Furthermore, he painted still-life compositions, objects that identify themselves with the past like steel helmets, shovels or flags: all these symbols were the so-called “German motives“. Motives, which Lüpertz uses in his works “Krieg und Frieden“ (“War and Peace”) and which claim a dispute with the past.


real white gold, black, 12 ct hand-polished frame

ArtCare 3mm Foamboard white

Whitecap, museum card board

MSK, antique white, natural, 2,7mm

museum glas M

hanging both-sided