Markus Lüpertz

The famous German painter Markus Lüpertz is considered to be one of the most famous representatives of the Neo-expressionism. He also is one of the most important artists of his generation – the same generation as Georg Baselitz and A.R. Penck, who are also represented in the exhibition, belonged to. Lüpertz wanted to come back to a more emotional painting – differentiated to the American abstract style, which was famous after World War II. In his latest works, he painted still-life compositions – like the ones presented here – and objects that identify themselves with the past like steel helmets, shovels or flags: all these symbols were the so-called “German motives“. But in the three still-life compositions displayed here, the artist did not paint any clear objects – in Lüpertz’s later work, he started to paint more and more abstract and with a darker chromaticity.


silver frame

ArtCare 3mm Foamboard white

Whitecap, museum cardboard

glass 2mm

spacer trip

hanging both-sided