Bode Galerie @ CIAN Museum of Art „Taste of art: Enjoy your art“

Alain Clément and Dietrich Klinge in the group exhibition “Taste of art: Enjoy your art” at the CIAN Museum of Art, South Korea


To mark the 20th anniversary of the CIAN Museum of Art in South Korea, it will be showing the group exhibition “Taste of art: Enjoy your art”, curated by Jeong Yeon-jin, in which a discourse between local and international contemporary artists will be shown. The exhibition places a special focus on the diversity and uniqueness of those artistic positions that consider art in our current time and the extent to which they are guided and inspired by art history. Not only is it shown what different forms art can now embody, but the expanded use of new artistic media is also presented. In particular, the interplay of art from different cultural backgrounds shows both the differences and the connections between them. The exhibition is intended to offer visitors an open and accessible path to contemporary art.

The German sculptor Dietrich Klinge and the southern French painter Alain Clément will be presented from the Bode Galerie’s program. Other artists in the exhibition are: Yoyo Nasty (Sweden), Shin Sangwook (Korea), Won Sungeum (Korea) and Jeong Jingyeong (Korea).




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