Paper: handmade paper approx. 400g, cotton, AKD sizing, acid buffer calcium carbonate | shell limestone of the Zeppelintribüne, handmade by Papieroffizin, selection from 80 scooped sheets

Embossing: hand-cut, acid-free Finn cardboard, release agent talc, embossing on knuckle-joint press in the Heinz Thurn studio.

Motif: based on a simplified rendering of the grandstand from Google Sketch Up. Further abstraction & composition at Architekturbüro Neubeck, parallel projection.

Hand coloring: Lascaux Artist acrylics

Back with perforated archival envelope and contents, dry-glued


Edition of 45 copies (+ 5 EA, 2 EP Exhibition Proof, 3 HC hors commerce)

Subscription 1.900,-€ until 31.12.2021, after that 2.400,-€