Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth (* 1930, † 1998) is one of the most influential European artists of the postwar period. He created works with a variety of materials, from graphics to painting, from sculptures to installations. In 1954, Roth began to experiment with materials, including creating his first “baked” sculpture of bread dough. Later he worked with chocolate in his works. The artist was fascinated by the decay process of organic substances, in which he perceived something uncontrollable and genuine. ET

Dieter Roth is one of the most important post-war European artists. He created artworks out of the most different materials. In 1954, he executed his first “baked” sculpture, made out of bread dough. He was fascinated by the discay of organic materials. Out of this fascination for the undistorted and uncontrollable process, he created his collaborations. The artist Dieter Roth took part at documenta 4 and documenta 7. Also, he created the Swiss pavilion for the Biennale 1982.

Dieter Roth died in 1998 in Basel/Switzerland.

Every piece out of the edition has another color and shape, so it has an unique-character.