France meets Korea – Works on Paper

ShortCut exhibition France meets Korea – Works on Paper until 13.07.2024 at Bode Galerie Nuremberg.

Working on paper has a great tradition worldwide – artists have returned to this medium time and again over the centuries. Works on paper are characterized by a special sensitivity. Not only are works on paper much more delicate in their aura, but as a viewer you are almost directly confronted with the artistic genius.

The ShortCut exhibition “France meets Korea” highlights the medium of paper in three different artistic positions. As an artist from the south of France, Alain Clément demonstrates the overcoming of flatness and allows the human-sensual experience to come to the foreground. His works on paper play with our perception of light and color and thus achieve a soft and delicate pictorial composition.

The Korean component is shown by two artists from different generations; in keeping in touch with their historical heritage, these positions focus on the connection to nature and spirituality. Hoon Kwak, co-founder of the South Korean avant-garde movement, shows the inevitable collision of man and nature in his “Halaayt” series of works and visualizes the unavoidable interweaving of the world. The works on handmade paper evoke a visual unyieldingness, particularly through the opaque acrylic paint, which however immediately dissolves into flowing movements.

Woo Jong Taek works with the traditional handmade paper Hanji, which correlates with his expressive application of paint, particularly through its surface feel. Meditation and the resulting moment of Zen play a decisive role in Woo’s creative process. The artist uses the medium of paper as a balancing act between drawing and painting.

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