Jochen Pankrath

M65 and M66 Der Traum von Freiheit I & II:

These two paintings are linked with surrealism and remind the observer of famous surrealistic painter René Magritte and his artistic statement “Ceci n´est pas une pipe” (translates to “That is not a pipe”) and captures the essence of surrealism: This style of art is beyond reality. Even though the motifs are drawn figuratively, the whole picture seems unreal and like a fantasy. Same you could apply to Pankraths works “Der Traum von Freiheit I & II” (translates to “Dream of freedom”). This painted dream of freedom, with an incompletely executed dove (in Traum von Freiheit I) that appears to have been attached with adhesive tape (which is painted) to the canvas, upon which something like a cloud consisting of round, balloon-like shapes floats (the artist calls these shapes “landscape bubbles”) above the landscape. The actual freedom, depicted with the motif of the bird, seems vague because it is painted on seemingly flimsy paper (it is actually only the canvas and this effect is completed with paint) and only lightly glued (also painted) on. So freedom may look picture-perfect, but in the end it remains just a picture.